Established in 1995, Arrow Marketing Group offers targeted sales marketing for kiosk sales nationally in both small and major markets. AMG recognizes that each marketing opportunity is unique, with distinct circulation needs. Maximizing the sales potential of each marketing opportunity is the ultimate goal of AMG. We accomplish this by utilizing our significant resources in our people, our service and our technology.


Arrow Marketing Group operates both permanent and seasonal kiosk locations at various malls, shopping centers and retail outlets. These high-traffic locations allow us to regularly present the brands we represent with dedicated representatives. These are negotiated locations that provide optimum...

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Direct marketing

Our sales presentations are just a part of our direct marketing capabilities. While your logo and branding material are front and top of our mobile kiosk units, we have the capability to provide traditional direct marketing mail services also.Your message...

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Kiosk sales

Kiosk sales have proven to be the most beneficial marketing tool. On-site demos and displays engage the consumer and create a loyalty value at the end of the presentation.

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