New Mobile App Launched

New Mobile App Launched


GoGreeter offers a white label turn-key application system that allows organizations and social groups to provide custom coupon and messaging services to their communities. Organizations can now have a personalized digital marketing system without building mobile applications and a the associated hosted backend office system that is required. This offering eliminates the associated staffing and expenses required and dramatically shrinks the time to get to market with digital campaigns.



1. Grow loyalty and sales with branded mobile applications.
2. Get to market today without associated capital expenses.



The solution consists of mobile applications for iOS and Android devices that informs consumers of shopping deals, coupons and informational notifications and a hosted back office portal.




The consumer interacts with the system using their mobile device. A branded application is prepared by GoGreeter and uploaded to the Apple App store to support iOS devices and to the Google Play store to support Android devices. Consumers are coached to download their respective application through SMS notification or by direct installation from the App stores.

Once installed, the consumer sees the brands and products associated with the sponsoring organisation. For instance, a shopping center sponsor would show all merchants in the center and also provide an inventory of coupons and messages that will be ultimately sent to the consumer audience. The merchant list populates the application dynamically giving the consumer an easily navigable application. The consumer has the ability to set their preferences on how often they wish to receive coupons and informational notifications on a brand/product by brand/product basis. All interactions are “In-App” based. Notifications(coupon specials and informational messages) are sent based on user preferences and campaigns setup by the sponsor Organization. The consumer also can request coupons on demand at anytime. The coupon is delivered immediately and can be redeemed at checkout.